Four principles we'll never break
(if you even ask):
There is safety in numbers. Especially in design.

There are different projects in Design Universe. Big and small, long and short, complex and simple, etc. But there is one rule that unites them—all projects always have at least 2 designers on board. This is a law.
Time is money. Don't waste it.

We know you have deadlines. We know you must fit them. That's why we seriously fight against of wasting time.
We never ask for meetings, calls, unnecessary materials and documents. Minimum input—maximum result!

Done is always better than perfect.

We do our best to deliver design in as high quality as we can. But we are definitely doers not perfectionists.
Always eat the elephant one bite at a time.

Splitting project into phases/iterations dramatically increases its success. We don't take part in endless projects without any breakdown structure, phases and sprints. The longer project you have—the bigger probability you won't finish it at all.